Cairns Rainforest Retreat


Spark New Life through Connection- to Nature, Community, and Your Self
Mission Beach, Cairns QLD

August 14th – 20th 2021

If you’re ready to take time out from your busy life to relax, refresh and supercharge your physical, mental and spiritual health, then join me for a transformative retreat to the rainforest at Mission Beach Cairns!

Lounging by the pool, you revel in this place where heaven kisses the earth. You sense the earth so warm and lush, the soft breeze against your skin, the birds singing in the background. Finally, a place where you don’t have to lift a finger – where you can freely rest, relax and reimagine your future!

As you sit back in delicious comfort, your mind drifts to some of the other delights you’ve enjoyed here as well: your rainforest hut with its hammock, the fresh organic juice and other tropical drinks, the yoga classes that have left you feeling fully alive yet calm and relaxed.

What a nourishing day you’ve had today, and with so much more yet to come! Yoga with a view of the rainforest, a massage at the day spa, savouring more delicious vegetarian cuisine, and exploring and discovering with your amazing new friends. Ah… the wonder and imagination of far North Queensland!

Far North Queensland is the PERFECT place to spend 7 nourishing days (and 6 nights)..

…taking the time out to nourish your body and soul while feeling fully alive and present in the moment. Can you imagine what it would feel like …

To be stress free, in control and excited about your future?

To slow life down a little, to feel calm and peaceful, as if you had time to exhale and linger in the moment?

Connected spiritually, to be uplifted, encouraged and renewed in faith?

To have more insight into your life’s purpose and to be clearer about the pathway towards being healthy and whole?

To learn to meditate so you can relax and rejuvenate even more deeply?

To truly care for yourself and enjoy being in your own company?

So why should YOU join us?

By the end of this retreat, through daily yoga, meditation, local sourced vegetarian cuisine and being re-energised in a tropical rainforest, you will feel relaxed, renewed and fully alive! You will feel nourished from the inside out having created a deeper awareness and knowledge of your innermost being, and experiencing meaningful connections with your new found friends and the nature around you. Grounded. Refreshed. Connected.

The Venue

Sanctuary Retreat Mission Beach – a haven of tranquility in a setting of breathtaking beauty  – the unspoilt paradise you have been waiting to discover, with secluded beaches meeting the Great Barrier Reef images of lush tropical foliage, and the Coral sea.

We’ll be spending six relaxing nights in the beautiful town at Mission Beach halfway between Cairns and Townsville enjoying the essence of the tropics perfectly situated to watch the sunrise or a full moon appearing out of the sea at sunset. Located up in the rainforest, you’ll feel like you’ve found a secret oasis that only you know about.

Tropical gardens, the gentle trilling from an orchestra of insects and the croaking of frogs and a warm breeze will have you find quiet secluded spaces to soak it all in.

You’ll fall in love with your Rainforest Hut, designed and constructed to ensure that the vegetation and birdlife is disturbed as little as possible. And best of all, you can walk right down to the luxurious pool, take a 10min hike to the beach, or sink into a hammock to gently close your eyes.

The Cuisine

Specialising in locally grown fresh produce and excellent coffee to satisfy your base desires, wait till you try a week of vegetarian cuisine your body will instantly feel nourished. 

Tropical juices, fresh muffins, herbal teas and more vibrant colours on one plate than you’ve ever had. There is no rush to eat, just a warm tropical breeze and the sound of the rainforest in the background….

If you don’t eat this or that – no worries – we are happy to accommodate any of your vegetarian food preferences.

The Delights

To start with, no trip to Far North Queensland would be complete without a hike in the rainforest and trip to the pristine beach.  Or maybe a rejuvenating massage nestled in the shade and shelter of a nearby rainforest gully a therapeutic haven in a setting of breathtaking beauty. 

Ready to sit pool side with a fresh tropical juice? Find a creative spot to explore as we spend some time in silence. One day will be dedicated to reflection and contemplation. Silence from breakfast till dinner, will offer you a chance to journal, reflect and hear the heart speak.

Yoga to the natural rhythm of the forest. 

Every day, you’ll be twisting, stretching and moving to lively yoga classes in the spacious studio or on the beach. Watch for the natural wildlife all around you, and listen to the sounds of the rainforest with views of lush green tropical foliage as you down dog, move and breath or the magic of a beach yoga flow! Your body will love the long warm ups and perfect tropical warmth, finding an inner strength and vitality renewed and restored.

After submerging yourself in the cool waters of the pool and feeling the sun warm your skin, you will find a deep stretch and healing practice with two delicious hours of yin yoga and meditation. You contemplate deep rest and how it feels in your body, stimulating the regenerative life force in your joints. As you listen to the sound of your own breath, feel the movement of energy and notice the body yield and let go.

And we can’t forget our tour of the highlights of Mission Beach! A whole afternoon set aside for exploring the local sites, with optional tours available, choose from rafting or even crocodile spotting along the river. I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be seeing yet – it depends on our mood and the weather!    

And don’t forget plenty of down time so you can do some adventurous exploration on a hike but if you’re feeling like you need to just chill-out, there is your personal hammock to snuggle up with a book, the pool, the gardens or a range of treatments at the day spa!

The Benefits

So what can YOU expect if you spend 7 delightful days (and 6 nights) relaxing and enjoying yourself on an exotic tropical rainforest get away?

Well – you won’t have to lift a finger. Every locally sourced vegetarian meal is prepared for you. There are daily yoga classes and a 60min signature massage to nourish your body. You will literally feel your innermost being restored, filling you to abundance so you have plenty to give on your return home.

And what would it mean to you to feel fully alive and present?   

Picture yourself sitting in a tropical rainforest nook where you can hear the birds sing and feel the warmth of the sun. In this space, surrounded by nature, you will be guided in specific mindfulness techniques that will transform your thinking, creating a sacred space through which you will view the world as a human BEING not a human DOING!

Need to de-stress?

On this retreat you will learn valuable breathing techniques to help you relax and recharge. You will return home with a calm, rested state of mind and more tools to cope in any situation.

There is no rushing on this retreat! You will experience:

  • Daily time set aside to slow down, to listen to your thoughts and to journal what your heart is saying, you will find clarity, insight and stillness.
  • You will learn how to breathe and how to listen to your body, which will assist you to make lasting changes on your return home.

Would THAT be worth coming to Far North Queesland for?

I sure think so!

PLUS this retreat is all about setting aside time for sacred space, understanding the Catholic practices of solitude and contemplation, reflecting and journaling. Through a day of silence, immersion in nature and sharing in a group setting with likeminded people, you’ll receive a deeper understanding of spirituality.  You’ll come away refreshed, renewed and strengthened to take life’s challenges head on.

Need more clarity? 

Would you like to have more insight into your life’s purpose and to be clearer about the pathway towards being healthy and whole?

Don’t we all! Well that is exactly what you will discover during this sacred time, set aside for growth physically, mentally and spiritually. Using the holistic health wheel tool, you will identify potential imbalances in your life and together we will create strategies for lasting change.

Together we will:

  • Learn how to meditate, uncovering which spiritual discipline works for you to experience a calmer state of mind keeping that zen feeling long after your return!
  • Rediscover what makes you unique and makes you feel fully alive
  • Adventure to exciting new places, explore the natural pristine beach and rainforest, eat local cuisine and share laughs together as a group creating once in a lifetime special memories.

Imagine how good it would feel to enjoy being in your own company! To be kind to yourself!

That’s what this retreat is all about!  You’ll rediscover what makes you unique and re-ignites that spark in your eyes. You will share laughs and insights in close-knit groups, gain clarity and insight through self-reflection and daily affirmations. You will come away with a newfound joy, grounded and ready to make practical changes to achieve the life you desire.

What’s Included?

  • Daily morning 2 hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes
  • Three afternoon 2 hr delicious Yin Yoga & Meditation classes
  • A 60 min relaxation massage
  • Six nights in a unique Eco-resort immersed in the rainforest either double/twin or single)
  • Daily delicious vegetarian breakfast lunch and dinner on the balcony
  • Airport pick up and transfer to the resort (if arriving on the day of the retreat prior to 1:30pm)

What’s Not Included?

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis and laundry
  • An optional half day tour experiencing rafting, a river cruise or crocodile spotting (cost $40-150)
  • Transfers from the resort to the airport at the end of the retreat
  • Personal travel insurance

Flight Info

You must arrive into the Cairns airport on Saturday August 14th before 1:30pm. We’ll have a few airport pick-ups for the group arriving on that day with a transfer set to leave at 10am and 2pm to our accommodation. If you are not arriving on Saturday August 14th we can help your arrange your own bus transfer to the resort (at your cost).

Flights out of Cairns need to be booked after midday on Friday August 20th to allow for the 2 hour bus transfer from the accommodation.

About Michelle

I noticed the connection between my mental health and my physical body when I injured my back in a rugby accident when I was 17. During the months of recovery I noticed my pain levels were a reflection of how stressed I was. This started a journey of self discovery: what did I need to do to cope with stress? How should I manage my naturally overactive mind?

I have grown up being part of a local church, and have seen people improve their health through different spiritual disciplines. After injuring my spine, I searched for new physical disciplines that would have less impact on my body, and would keep me strong and fit.

When I discovered yoga as an adult it rocked my world. By then I had a special needs child and the demands of a growing family. The connection I experienced in yoga’s practice of movement with breath, and of meditation, gave me a strong connection to God. I experienced peace, and a deep sense of being whole.

I noticed a gentle but gradual recovery from my rugby injury. Yoga became the one hour of the week I could not live without! As a result, I am a better wife, mother, and friend!

I am now passionate about sharing this powerful practice. I transitioned from working in exercise science and personal training to teaching yoga. I love Vinyasa yoga, its fluid movement and its strength gains. I also love Yin yoga; the space it creates for contemplative practice and mindfulness.

I teach from a Christian frame of reference. I have a passion for the environment, for ethical living, and for empowering others to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health. My classes aim to seek greater peace, connection and imagination, together with mindful movement and breath. You can find me in Croydon, Melbourne, Australia.