New to Yoga?


Asha Yoga exists to create a sacred space for you to find peace, balance and harmony. An inclusive place welcoming all levels (beginners our fav!) all body types, genders and ages to find mindful movement, and journey together towards great health on and off the mat. We want you to feel like a zen unicorn when you walk out the door!


We have two types of Introductory Offers designed to give you a trial run at experiencing our little community!
Both introductory offers include a 30min Wellness Consult where we organise a 1:1 with the owner at Asha Yoga to find out exactly how we can meet you needs and help you achieve your intentions for practicing with us.
‘I want to try everything’ introductory offer for month unlimited classes for . The month starts from your first booking and also includes full access to the virtual studio (live streamed classes and on-demand pre-recorded classes).

‘Just want to test the waters’ introductory offer for 4 classes in 4 weeks for $79 choose any 4 classes either in person or live streamed within 4 weeks. You can book 4 in one week or the same class 4 weeks in a row!

To date approximately 85% of our current student base attend classes for a mental health benefit. Is that you? Do you need help managing stress, staying calm, finding a quiet mind and improving emotional regulation? Or maybe its improving your functional mobility or decreasing pain? We want to know!



We offer small-medium size classes to make each class tailored to the groups needs in the moment. Our teachers are trained in special populations including prenatal, PTSD, special needs and older adults to allow for that small group individualised experience.


We love the difference of Yang vs Yin, a sweaty Vinyasa Yoga class and a super chilled Yin Yoga or Meditation class. Need to strengthen that core to improve your back health? Pilates is available too.


Meet other like minded yogis with regular coffees after class, day, weekend & week long yoga retreats, and workshops where you will feel supported on a whole other level.


I’ve just returned from my first weekend retreat with Asha Yoga and it was pure bliss. Michelle goes above and beyond and puts her heart and soul into the preparation which really shows. I attended on my own and was welcomed so warmly. I left he retreat feeling completely rejuvenated and went home with my cup full. I will definitely be back again thank you!!

At Asha Yoga you will find a gifted team of teachers who are very welcoming. During classes teachers respond to individual needs, offering both modified and extension practice. The studio space is lovely, with views of trees and natural light. It’s a hub of community spirit and a celebration of our beautiful outer eastern suburbs. Strongly recommended!

Asha Yoga has such positive and inspiring vibes that it lifts you up even when I’m feeling low. I am loving the online concept as I can do my classes at a time and day that is convenient for me. It also enables me to increase the number of classes that normally I can’t get to. Thank you so much Michelle and your team of wonderful teachers that never fail to leave me with a smile on my face after each class.

I love everything about Asha Yoga. It has been a lifesaver for me other the past 18 months to ground, destress, improve my state of mind and physical strength. Meditation helps me as an integral part of my yoga practice. Being among other yogi’s is a wonderful way to share all the benefits and joy gained from the practice both in the studio or online.